Book Club Questions

Do you and your friends have a book club? Here are some questions from for you to discuss after reading The Last Honest Man in Havana:

1) Who was your favourite character? Why?

2) If you were drafted to fight in a foreign war, what would you do?

3) Why do you think the characters call older people Señor and Señora (Mr. and Mrs.) instead of Compañero and Compañera (Comrade)?

4) When Señora Vásquez finds someone to rent Elena’s apartment, why doesn’t Elena ask questions about this person’s source of income?

5) Some of Elena’s decisions may seem controversial. In what scene would you have acted differently?

6) If you were Rafael, how would you have reacted to Mirlay during the last visit to her office?

7) Do you feel as if this book has changed your views on Cuba? Why?

8) How much of a person’s character would you say is shaped by the time and place in which he or she lives?

9) Do you believe that Elena was justified in her disgust of tourists?

10) How do you think cronyism and corruption has affected Cuba?

11) What does freedom mean to you?

12) Between 1980 and 2013, 1,144,000 Cubans have immigrated to the United States alone. If you lived in Cuba today do you think you would stay or try to leave?

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