Fall Update

Summer is over and, for me, it’s the perfect time to start everything new.  New projects, new classes and new hobbies.

This fall and winter, I will continue working on The Last Honest Man in Havana. Of course, it’s not a new project. In fact, by December I will have spent two years on it. But I’m re-writing it in such a way that it almost feels like something new. The story still compels me and this time I will have my new writers’ group to share my work with. We meet once a month and I’m very excited about working with a group of such talented, creative women!

Somehow, I’m lucky enough to have been selected to attend a screenwriting workshop with AFCOOP, the Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative in Halifax. Screenwriting is quite new to me, but I see AFCOOP as another wonderful place to learn about storytelling. I have no idea who is teaching the workshop, but I’ll let you know how it goes.

As for new hobbies, after an eleven-year hiatus, I’ve taken up cycling again! This week, I’ve logged more than 50 km on my old mountain bike. This is not much for a real cyclist, they would do that much on one ride at least, but I feel I’ve made a good start with it. The weather has been gorgeous here, about 24C on October 2, and I hope I’ll get at least another month before it’s too cold.

Biking along Cavendish Beach this summer got me hooked. Spectacular!

I’m still looking for moneda nacional and Cuban pesos to take some photos for this blog. If anyone has pics they’d like to send me, that would be great!


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